Вакансия «Специалист по информационной безопасности»
Специалист по информационной безопасности
  • development of design, operational and other documentation of information systems, information information security subsystems
  • participation in projects on automation of business processes as a technical writer, information security architect
  • Verification of compliance of design, operational and other documentation for compliance with requirements in the field of information security and the requirements of Russian legislation in the field of information protection
  • performance of work to protect information constituting a trade secret, and other confidential information (CT mode, confidential office work, personal data protection)
  • Participation in risk assessment work (including inventory of assets, identification of vulnerabilities and threats, damage assessment, risk analysis, formation of a model of threats and violators)
  • inspections of information systems for compliance with information security requirements
  • information security incident response and investigation
  • monitoring and analysis of information security events
  • development of plans to eliminate identified deficiencies and improve the information security system and monitor their implementation
  • information systems security analysis
  • Monitoring compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents governing the procedure for ensuring the regime of commercial secrets, processing and protecting personal data, and maintaining confidential office work
  • preparation of necessary materials (reports, acts, work plans, protocols, etc.)