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Meet team of ZDM-auto

Our team are people with similar thinking. If you wanna improve your business, you should improve yourself before. We are glad that our team consists of specialists, who wanna to reach new heights and see new horizonts for our team and yourself. Such people will be in demand always and everywhere.

Mission of ZDM-to create uniform service of sale of second-hand transport by installments in the territory of Russia and the CIS. Every day we strive to make our service more convenient for people and ultimately more effective.

Дмитрий Зданкевич, руководитель команды ZDM-auto
Dmitry Zdancewic

Strategic development of the company, representation and communication functions

Дмитрий Язынин, специалист по развитию франшизы команды ZDM-auto
Dmitry Yazynin
Franchise improvement

Formation and sale of franchise package, support of franchisees

Светлана Лисихина, бухгалтер команды ZDM-auto
Svetlana Lisicina

Accounting of property, obligations and economic operations

Требуется директор в команду ZDM-auto
Seat vacant

Management of financial and economic activities, ensuring that employees perform tasks

Требуется маркетолог в команду ZDM-auto
Seat vacant
Marketing specialist

Marketing and advertising policy of the company

Требуется технический специалист в команду ZDM-auto
Seat vacant
Mechanic specialist

Evaluation and diagnostics of cars, analysis of the car market, working with partner services

Наталья Ключук, консультант по юридическим вопросам команды ZDM-auto
Natalia Klyuchuk
Legal support

Protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the organization

Роман Матвиенко, программист команды ZDM-auto
Roman Matvienko
Backend developer

Software development and support

Лика Черкашина, SEO-специалист команды ZDM-auto
Lika Cherkashina

External and internal site search optimization

Светлана Тельнова, дизайнер команды ZDM-auto
Svetlana Telnova

Creation of image and individual style of the company

Андрей Кочетыгов, верстальщик команды ZDM-auto
Andrew Kochetygov
Frontend developer

Development and optimization of external web pages

Дмитрий Язынин, копирайтер команды ZDM-auto
Dmitry Yazynin

Writing and editing text material

Юрий Божечков, офис менеджер команды ZDM-auto
Yuri Bojechkov
Office manager

Administrative work of the office

Шаришься в коде сайта ZDM-auto? Я слежу за тобой!
I'm watching for you
Security service

Due diligence, detection and suppression of fraudulent acts in relation to the company