Leasing for physical persons

ZDM-auto history

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ZDM-auto is a leasing service for individuals.
With our help, you can buy any used transport from the car market, or from Internet sites (drom.ru, auto.ru, etc.) in installments at an individual percentage for up to 60 months.

Also, we have an investment program for individuals. persons in the bank deposit system at the highest percentage in the Russian Federation, up to 29.70%, while the monthly dividends will be 2.48%.

And finally, if you want to start your leasing business under our brand, we have opened a franchise line.

Our goal is to make the purchase of vehicles affordable for people of any income. To do this, we provide the opportunity to purchase any type of transport and special equipment from the secondary market with distributed payments for up to 60 months, we request a minimum of documents, and organize the fastest process of registration.

Stable operation ZDM-auto provides a well-functioning infrastructure: its own fleet, specialized ERP-system, partner garages and avtoyuristy.

The company was founded in 2014, Dmitry Zdankevich and Alyona Ivanova. The project was launched on its own, with a minimum capital and lack of experience in the auto business, embodying the idea that the leasing system can even implement used equipment. And by mid-2015, they not only confirmed the viability of this approach, but also proved the viability of our business for investors. As a result, we received financial investments, which stimulated the growth of our business and allowed us to develop technologically.

Over the 4 years of the company’s operation, we have achieved results and are striving to achieve more.

We plan to continue to develop steadily in the Siberian region and go to the federal level, since we are one of the pioneers in the market of motor vehicle leasing for individuals, and the relevance of this business sector is only growing.

Contracts are concluded for periods of up to 36 months, most of them for 12 and 18 months. The client's daily payment is calculated using the formula XYZ, where X is the market value of the car, Y is the percentage of overpayment (depending on the contract period), Z is the number of days under the contract. At the end of the contract, the equipment becomes the property of the client.